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Goal Function

Here's a puzzle I recently came across. We need to implement a function g as follows

Currying in JavaScript

Currying is the process of converting a multi-argument function to a series of single-argument ones. For example:

JavaScript Promise Cheat-Sheet

Promise is a new JavaScript feature standardized in ES6, although it has been implemented by various libraries for a while now. It is a way to manage asynchronous code, letting you easily translate nested callbacks into a 'do foo. Then do bar, followed by baz and then boobliboo'. You can achieve the same effect with or without Promises, but Promises make it much simpler.

Goodbye Wordpress

I have been using Wordpress to drive my website ever since I got the domain name in 2006. Wordpress has only become richer and more feature-rich during this time. But owing to this popularity and perhaps its design, Wordpress has also become a prime target for hackers. Or so has been my experience at least. The attacks are not sophisticated at all, just brute forcing of the login page. But they are incessant; My webhost even had to make my login page non-executable to stop the barrage of login attempts.

Introducing Compute

Compute provides an implementation of observable, and observable-array. Compute also lets you define relationships among these observables. Compute is compatible with knockoutjs, to the extent that it will use knockout's observables. Here's some sample code:

A HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript boilerplate

Here's the repo To use it, clone the repo to your disk, then delete the .git folder by running $rm -rf .git

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