How to JSDoc

April 22nd 2017

How do you document your JavaScript? I use JSDoc. It's a tool which goes through your source code, looks at comments, and generates a set of HTML files containing your documentation. Being inline with your code, the documentation is human readable even without generating the documentation. And as a bonus, it is less likely to become outdated as your code evolves.

Stock image: blueprintThis blog post is a short how-to for JSDoc. It describes how to install JSDoc using npm, and how to configure it using a configuration file.

We explore how to use JSDoc to document functions, modules, objects, and classes using both ES6 and ES5 syntax.

All examples live on github!

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Stock image: camera with monkey sticker Third and final status update for the simian Photo Server project. The server is alive! It scans and catalogs and manages to look reasonably bearable!

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SPS Update 2

August 19th 2016

Stock image: camera with monkey sticker Status update for the two week photo server project.

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SPS Update 1

August 8th 2016

Stock image: camera with monkey sticker Very first status update for the Simian Photo Server. We are building with Gulp, and serving with Express. Config, linting, testing, and logging are all good to go!

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Simian Photo Server

August 7th 2016

Stock image: camera with monkey sticker The simian photo server project two week challenge.

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Goal Function

July 23rd 2016

Cartoon; pointing at goal text The goal function. gal, goal, gooal, goooal and so on.

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A short introduction to currying, and a "How to curry in JavaScript".

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What are promises and how do you use them?

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Goodbye Wordpress

November 1st 2015

Spam and brute force attacks nudge me enough to give up Wordpress in favor of a static web-site. Or Everything old is new again.

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Introducing Compute

January 27th 2015

An extremely simple reactive programming library using Knockout style Observables.

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A simple boilerplate for front-end projects.

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