A HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript boilerplate


Here's the repo https://github.com/akshat1/WebFEBoilerPlate. To use it, clone the repo to your disk, then delete the .git folder by running $rm -rf .git

Then, you can add this to your own repo and use it as you wish. The folder names are self-explanatory, all the coffee files will get concatenated into a single app.js file. This can of course be changed in gulpfile.js.

The (slightly) Longer Version

We use,

  • Bower for managing front-end dependencies. The boilerplate only uses lodash and knockout, but you can get more by running $ bower install --save. This is way better than managing dependencies ourself, but if so desired, one can create a copy libs task to manually copy js libraries from a lib folder using pipe, and add it to the lib sequence task.
  • CoffeeScript for javascript.
  • HAML, because HTML has way too many angled brackets and as a wise woman once said "ain't nobody got time for that".
  • SASS, because well, it is syntactically awesome. Of course our gulpfile uses a bunch of gulp-plugins. These are listed in package.json. Simply run $ npm install to install the required plugins.